Malverm Hills and Surroundings  (4 of 14)

- The Magic of Malvern Hills - 

New photographic exhibition 

at Malvern Theatres, Grange Rd, Malvern WR14 3HB

Exhibition of bright, colourful panoramic landscapes of Malvern Hills (AONB) 

photographed under most exotic, rare and beautiful conditions through out all seasons, day and night. 

As many before me, I have been most inspired by this wonderful part of the world and dedicated over 9 years of my life to capturing it’s ever changing beauty. Building my precious portfolio of unique Malvern Hills landscapes. I have spent countless hours over the years on hunt for the perfect photograph to tell the story of the true magic and endless beauty this place has to offer. These rather unique scenes now create core of my new exhibition.

With every purchase, new scene will be coming making the exhibition more dynamic, changing every time canvas is sold. All photographs are printed as 40 inch wide canvases and priced just £80 each. You can purchase them of the wall at the Malvern Theatre or order a fresh copy in preferred size here

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