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Atmospheric contemporary photographic wall art  balancing on the edge between photography and painting. From small prints to large feature wall master pieces, we provide high quality, handmade,  modern looking  artwork tailored to individual taste, style and budget of each customer.

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Fine art and panoramic landscapes of Malvern Hills and surroundings. Area of outstanding natural beauty,  located on borders of Worcestershire and Herefordshire  in heart of England. These galleries showcase the magic and drama of Malvern Hills. Photographed under most rare, exotic, and atmospheric conditions through out all seasons, day and night.As many before me, I have been most inspired by this wonderful part of the world,   and dedicated over 11 years of my life to capturing it’s ever changing beauty. Building my precious portfolio of unique Malvern Hils landscape.

I have spent countless hours over the years on hunt for the perfect photograph to tell the story of the true magic and endless beauty this place has to offer. These rather rare scenes now create core of my Malvern Hills prints portfolio you can explore through these galleries.  Hope you enjoy and if you like it please feel free to share it

Malvern Hills Galleries

Explore Worcestershire and Herefordshire

Providing artwork to variety of establishments for years, we can compliment any type of interior with style. You can choose your favourite photograph from our diverse range of collections and we will provide you with bright, colourful, contemporary looking artwork for your home, office or business. Impress your clients, customers, guests, visitors or family and friends, once on the wall it often becomes centre of attention and talking point in majority of situations.

Jan's artwork has a unique contemporary feel, being often described as paintings due to his specific individual approach to photography. When printed large, many of his panoramic landscapes appear plastic when viewed from certain angles, providing unique 3D visual effect. His dramatic seasonal landscapes of Malvern Hills, Worcestershire and Herefordshire brought him to attention of many businesses and private art buyers from UK and around the world. Paying great attention to weather and light conditions, planning and pre visualising his photographs, carefully composing the scenes and by paying meticulous attention to printing, he has developed this unique, personal and increasingly popular style. Producing large photographic artwork with painting like qualities, atmosphere and drama

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