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Jan Sedlacek - Malvern based renowned fine art, landscape & commercial photographer famous in the area for his large painting like, panoramic landscapes installed in dozens of prominent and public places in the area and countless homes and walls here and around the world. 

Originating from Prague, Czech Republic, Jan has settled in Malvern, gateway to Malvern Hills AONB. And like many great artist, writers or composers before him (Edward Elgar, J.R.R.Tolkien or C.S. Lewis), Jan has become greatly influenced and inspired by these ancient Hills and their unique character and micro climate. So over past 14 years living here and working as professional photographer, running his business Digitlight Photography, Jan has gradually developed his signature  photographic style and mastered panoramic photographic techniques allowing him to capture these amazing landscapes and places like no one has tried or managed before.

Thanks to his true love for this AONB and his passion for chasing the perfect pictures  he has created one of a kind portfolio of soulful, bright and colourful atmospheric scenes and landscapes showcasing the best this area has to offer. Often taken under rare and unique weather and light conditions through out all seasons, Day or night.  True ambassador of the area and well respected artist within world wide community of people related to Malvern Hills AONB.

Jan Sedlacek Photographic Wall Art - Highlights of the past decade

By paying great attention to detail and quality of light Jan’s photographs are full of drama, unique atmosphere  and eye-pleasing colours. By carefully composing his shots, using a vibrant colour palette and by paying meticulous attention to printing, Jan's pictures are balancing on the edge between photography and painting. His artwork has a unique contemporary feel, being often described as paintings due to his specific individual approach to photography. When printed large, many of his panoramic landscapes appear plastic when viewed from certain angles, providing unique 3D visual effect. 

Jan's ultra high resolution panoramic landscapes allow for enormous up to 16 meters long prints and wallpapers. Focusing on increasingly larger and larger wall art Digitlight has become one of very few art producers in Midlands capable of supplying such  a huge prints to cater for the largest of the interior spaces. Without ugly pixelation or loss of detail or clarity.

Framed Varnished Canvases

Hyperlapse - Malverns

Avon Hall - 10 x2.5 meters banners

Avon Hall XL Banners

My XL prints & Infinity festival

Installing 30 ft Prints

ITV - main evening news feature