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Celebrated fine art, landscape & commercial photographer Jan Sedlacek has been bewitched by his home in the Malvern Hills. His Panoramic work, focusing mainly on large format wall art featuring Malvern Hills and surroundings can be seen all over the county in public places of interest, business premises and in homes alike. 

Originating from the Czech Republic, Jan has now settled in Malvern finding inspiration in his beautiful surroundings. Over the years, Jan has developed an original, instantly recognisable style and following many exhibitions and published work, he has become one of the finest Midland's photographers.  Celebrated by art buyers and fans of his work from the UK and around the World. Jan's work stands out and has been admired by his Royal Highness, Prince Edward and his entourage during the Royal visit to Malvern Theatres while featuring Jan's fine art landscapes exhibition in September 2012. Where he received precious words of admiration from his Royal Highness while talking through the exhibition. 

By paying great attention to detail and quality of light Jan’s photographs are full of drama, unique atmosphere  and eye-pleasing colours. By carefully composing his shots, using a vibrant colour palette and by paying meticulous attention to printing, Jan's pictures are balancing on the edge between photography and painting. His artwork has a unique contemporary feel, being often described as paintings due to his specific individual approach to photography. When printed large, many of his panoramic landscapes appear plastic when viewed from certain angles, providing unique 3D visual effect.  His large panoramic landscapes now decorate dozens of places in the area and countless walls here and around the world. 

Fine art and panoramic wall art - by Jan Sedlacek

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