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by renowned fine art, landscape and commercial photographer 


We offer exhibition-quality fine art prints, printed on archival photographic and giclee papers & canvases to our exacting standards. By using only the best quality materials our prints have unique painting like feel, well balanced tones with lasting vibrancy of colour and image permanency

Providing artwork to variety of establishments for years, we can compliment any type of interior with style. You can choose your favourite photograph from our diverse range of collections and we will provide you with bright, colourful, contemporary looking artwork for your home, office or business. Impress your clients, customers, guests, visitors or family and friends, once on the wall it often becomes centre of attention and talking point in majority of situations

Jan's ultra high resolution panoramic landscapes allow for enormous up to 16 meters long prints and wallpapers. Focusing on increasingly larger and larger wall art Digitlight has become one of very few art producers in Midlands capable of supplying such  a huge prints to cater for the largest of the interior spaces. Without ugly pixelation or loss of detail or clarity your walls are going to impress everyone for years to come.


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We offer professional help to all who need photographs that stand out. Our experience is based on many successful years in real estate, commercial, fine art, panoramic, architectural, landscape and wedding photography. We provide highly creative photographs of the highest technical standard. Quick, efficient, and affordable help to get you those wow shots showcasing your business at it's best. Find out more.. 

We are always happy to help and ready to answer any of your questions or discuss your orders or projects. So feel free to get in touch. Many thanks Jan